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Berzerk on Atari 2600 VCS

This is a short video clip of me playing Berzerk on the Atari 2600 VCS retro video games console.

Basic stuff.
Shoot the robots and exit the room before "Evil Otto", the unkillable smiley face arrives and kills you.
Killing all of the robots before leaving the room earns bonus points.

A feature carried over from the arcade to the Atari 2600 version is the "bulletproof bowtie"... robot bullets can pass through the gap between the player's head and body, without killing him.

The later, and more common issue of the game, features more colours in the sequence of enemy robots, and allows a them a higher bullet count, while a 2002 hacked version of the game includes speech synthesis.

This and the other retro gaming clips on this site aren't intended as full game reviews, but are simply to give viewers who weren't around when these games were popular, an idea of what video games used to be like.

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