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Pitfall on Atari 2600 VCS

This is a short video clip of me playing Pitfall on the Atari 2600 VCS retro video games console.

Pitfall, programmed by David Crane, a founder of Activision was one of the very first platform games on a home console, not to mention one of the most impressive titles for the system.

The lower levels of the game covered the equivalent of three levels above ground, so making maps to locate the treasure and work out the shortest route was the best way to beat the game. I for one could never be bothered with this, but I did play the game an awful lot. Something about the beeping tarzan cry as Pitfall Harry swung from a rope always impressed me. Easilly pleased, I guess.

This and the other retro gaming clips on this site aren't intended as full game reviews, but are simply to give viewers who weren't around when these games were popular, an idea of what video games used to be like.


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