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Red Alarm on Nintendo Virtual Boy

This is a short video clip of me playing Red Alarm on the Nintendo Virtual Boy retro 3D video games console.
Obviously, as the camera can only point into one of the two eyepieces, you will not experience the excellent 3D effect in this video.

Developed by T&E Soft, and published by Nintendo in 1995.
Red Alarm plays in a very similar manner to Starfox aka Starwing, on the SNES, albeit with wireframe graphics instead of filled vectors, and with that oh so cool 3D depth perception thing going on.

The game makes very good use of the Virtual Boy controller, utilising both D-pads, in a manner reminiscent of Playstation Dual Shock pad usage.

This is by far and away my favourite Virtual Boy game. The combination of 3D graphics with 3D depth perception is such a winning formula, for me... and I was always a Starfox fan.

This and the other retro gaming clips on this site aren't intended as full game reviews, but are simply to give viewers who weren't around when these games were popular, an idea of what video games used to be like


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